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U lipo

This is the revolutionary system used for fat reduction, body shaping treatment, and smoothing cellulite using low laser levels. In this process, photobiomodulation is used to stimulate the natural process of your body for releasing any amount of stored content that is present in your adipose cells. With your everyday diet, excess calories get stored in your body. The human brain controls the release of this content which is further metabolized into energy. This technique is used for triggering the release of the excess content without having to exercise and get rid of fat even from stubborn areas.

This is quite easy to handle, our therapist positions the equipment correctly over the patient and the treatment is performed. 

It can be carried out in a quick session within 30 minutes of the sessions. 

The treatment is carried out in eight sessions and can be performed every two days a week. It is used for reshaping your body. It can be completed within two weeks and only a single area is targeted for burning off the extra content. For maintaining the metabolic activity of the patient, proper nutritional supplements are preferred for consumption. 

At Dr Tvacha, we use the BTL Exilis machine, which is a monopolar radiofrequency device offering a non-invasive treatment of different skin conditions such as wrinkles, skin laxity, and excessive fat. This is the solution for everybody from head to toe with no BMI or skin type restrictions.

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