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Axillary Breast Removal Surgery

Axillary Breast Removal Surgery

Breast tissue makes up the shape and size of your breasts. However, it can sometimes develop beyond the normal location of your breasts. It is particularly common in the area of your armpits (technically known as the axilla). According to medical studies, axillary breast tissue can occur in 2% to 6% of women.

If you have axillary breast tissue, you probably dislike how it looks. It can make the area appear lumpy and “meaty”, especially when your arms are down. You may also be able to feel the tissue, as it is thicker and more palpable. It may become particularly troubling before menstruating or with pregnancy since the axillary breast can swell and feel more sensitive (just like your breasts). Weight gain can make it look worse.

Your axillary breast tissue can be safely removed with surgery. This can be done with liposuction if there is little correction required or excision (removing tissue with incisions) for extensive correction.

Benefits of surgery:

  • Elimination of undesirable contours in the under-arm area
  • Improved mobility of the arms
  • Less irritation caused by clothing
  • Hidden scars: When more extensive correction is performed, the incisions within the armpit fold. That means your scarring will be well hidden by the natural crease that already exists there. They won’t be obvious and you’ll be able to wear sleeveless shirts without worrying about any scars being visible

Surgery procedure:

Local anesthesia is administered if liposuction is performed. General anesthesia is for surgery involving excision. The procedure will take about an hour or so.

An incision is made within the armpit fold. This incision may measure just millimeters if liposuction is used. It may be a little longer if excision is performed. Through this incision, excess tissue is removed with the preferred technique. The incision is then closed and dressed.

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