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Dark Circles

Under Eye Dark Circle treatment

Dark circles, also known as periorbital circles, periorbital hyperpigmentation, or periorbital melanosis are dark blemishes around the eyes. They may or may not be associated with undereye puffiness, bags, malar festoons, etc.

Under-eye dark circles have several possible causes, at Dr Tvacha, we believe in finding the exact root cause for the under-eye dark circles and treating it effectively with the right and accurate treatment.

For the accurate treatment of under eye dark circle, a multipurpose approach is required inclusive of improvisation of lymphatic drainage under the eye, lightening, and collagen-building therapy. For this, effective laser and chemical peels, done as required. If hollowing of the Orbital area is the major causative factor, an under-eye filler can be injected for a refreshed look.

Possible Causes of Under Eye Dark Circles

  • The skin over the lower eyelids is very thin. The dark hue is in actual the venous blood in the veins underneath the skin
  • Excess melanin due to hereditary factors
  • UV damage increases the size and number of the blood vessels underneath the eye
  • Environmental exposures like dust, smoke
  • Aging – As part of the natural aging process, the layer of support under the eye wears out resulting in a shadowy, sunken look
  • Lymphatic build-up leading to puffiness around the eyes

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