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CoolTech fat freezing can be used to treat all sorted of areas of the body where stubborn areas of localised fat are found that is resistant to removal through diet and exercise. It is not a weight loss treatment.

It can be used on the abdomen, back, thighs, hips, legs, arms and chin to treat saddle bags, muffin tops, love handles, bra bulges, double chins, bingo wings, flabby knees and post pregnancy tummies where small accumulations of fatty tissue have remained.

It is suitable for all skin types and can be used to treat both men and women.It is designed to treat and remove small areas of localized fat on a variety of areas of the body using extremely cold temperatures to kill fat cells in a non-invasive way.

How Does It Work?

The area being treated is first covered with a cool gel pad which is used to protect the surface of the skin. The handpieces for the CoolTech device have a vacuum application when placed on the body and ‘suck’ in the tissue area, which is to be treated so that the fatty tissue is encapsulated by the handpiece and its temperature can be decreased in a controlled way, and away from other tissue structures within the body. This will feel like a tugging sensation as the handpiece pulls in the area.

The cooling can then commence. It works to reduce fat cells by relying on the fact that adipocytes (the medical term for fat cells) are vulnerable to temperature changes, more so than any other tissue type in our body, and thus by freezing the fatty tissue a controlled death of the fat cells can be caused. The body then metabolizes the damaged fat cells and their contents.

After the applicator is removed when the treatment session is complete, the area will look raised, red and lumpy; the practitioner will usually massage the area to further help break down the fatty tissue and stimulate lymphatic drainage and thus aid recovery and improve the result, which in turn will make the area look more normal again by the time you leave the clinic.

The time taken for a treatment session will depend upon the size of the area and indication being treated, which will also affect the number of sessions needed. This can range from 1 to 3 sessions on the same area spaced 6 to 8 weeks apart. An average treatment session takes around 70 minutes, including the initially controlled cooling and the final controlled warming at the end, the temperature should be down to -8ºC for 60 minutes during the treatment session.

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