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Scars and Pits

Scars and Pits

Scarring of the skin results due to damage in the deeper layers of the skin usually because of nodular acnes, recurrence of adult acne in same spot, healed wound, sore or burn or any other physical stress given to the skin. Scars are basically of two types: deep pitted scars, such as ice-pick scars and raised thickened tissue such as keloid. These scars may be acne scars, surgical scars, accidental scars or also chickenpox scars.
Scarring alters the skin texture and makes it rough and develops pits. At Dr Tvacha, we use combination treatment of lasers and dermarollers to resurface the skin and rebuilding the collagen fibers making it smooth and even textured.

Dr Tvacha’s Skin REsmoother Treatment

Dr Tvacha’s Skin REsmoother treatment involves a combination of US FDA approved fractional LASERs like Ematrix, Palomar, Erbium, Sellas ,Yellow and Recosma LASER that will help to improve scars. We also treat the scars using derma rollers, dermabrasion or filler-injections.

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