Well, the 'Natural hair re-growth' treatment at TVACHA does something that's very close to it!



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Wipe off the myth that hair once lost never regrown. One of the most specialized treatments available at TVACHA is the hair loss treatment. This one-of-its-kind hair re-growth treatment being a brainchild of Dr. Amit Karkhanis is available only at TVACHA Clinic. Dr. Amit Karkhanis through years of research and development has devised a unique medical process called ‘Natural Hair Re- growth’. TVACHA has yielded miraculous yet absolutely consistent results even in acute cases of Hair Loss conditions. The simple treatment comprises of external applications and oral medication and is absolutely non-surgical and hassle-free.

The TVACHA advantage

  • Absolutely professional expertise.
  • Custom designed cure from adroit doctors.
  • Effective and hassle-free solutions for a lifetime.
  • Uniquely developed cure module.
  • Fully enduring till continuance of the post cure regime.
  • Safety guaranteed.

Come.... bring back that glory! Don’t you deserve it...?

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In our society it's a notion that hereditary hair loss has no cure. If parents encountered hair loss the child too will encounter the same. Today with advancements in Medical technology this misnomer can be challenged. Tvacha has devised a medical process to regrow your hair naturally. Thousands of satisfied patrons have testified the effectiveness of this unique treatment which is practiced at Tvacha. In almost all cases of Hair loss, the condition of hair can be improved and baldness can be prevented. At any age there are dormant follicles which can be revived. The younger the patient, the more recent the hair loss, the better the results.

As remedial measure to Hair Loss, people resort to various commonly available treatment like Hair oil, Shampoo, Lotion, head massage at saloon and like. All these treatments prove to be futile and do not yield desired result. At the outset let's discuss how treatment at Tvacha is better and effective for Hair Loss. The primary reason for most of these hair loss treatments to fail is that they are carried out at single level of correction, instead of multi-level approach. Hormonal imbalance and bad dietary habits are some of the important causes of hair loss. Hormonal and dietary correction is achieved with appropriate medicines and diet counseling.

Topical oil improves hair growth and with a special French technique hair roots are rejuvenated. Such a multi-level treatment is offered only at Tvacha that gives astonishing results in just 4 to 6 months. The best part is that this treatment is affordable and requires just one visit a month to the clinic. Tvacha documents these results in the form of 'before' and 'after' photographs. A full range of latest follicular unit hair transplant is also available at Tvacha.