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Dull Skin

Dull Skin

Dull skin can occur due many reasons like excess production dead skin cells, moisture imbalance, poor diet and lifestyle, lack of sleep, wrong skin care regime. At Dr Tvacha, we nourish the skin with essential nutrients and exfoliate the dead cell layers which are customised according to skin type and texture, leaving the skin radiant and glowing.

• Dr Tvacha’s Illumiderma
• Dr Tvacha Signature Revitalising treatment

Dr Tvacha’s Illumiderma

Dr Tvacha’s Illumiderma, skin brightening treatment which includes a combination of chemical peels and lasers. Chemical peels are essentially exfoliative in nature and can help get rid of the dead skin cells that form the outer layer of the skin and do not allow complete penetration of skin care products or even in-clinic treatments
These are then combined with a few sessions of our skin brightening lasers which primarily work on evening out your skin tone by getting rid of any kind of tanning or pigmentation that might be due to hormonal imbalances or prolonged UV exposure. The total number of sessions required will be recommended by our skin care experts after thorough examination.

Dr Tvacha Signature Revitalising treatment

This treatment is designed to remove scars, deep lines and wrinkles of the skin or simply get a beautiful glow on the face. Skin rejuvenation treatment diminishes signs of ageing, treats skin damage, reduces acne scars, firms-up loose and sagging skin — thereby giving you a healthier looking skin. Combination of LASERs like Alma, Sellas, Erbium, Medlite C6, Recosma ,Fotona and Yellow LASER dissolve molecular bonds of damaged skin cell and help repair till the skin becomes smooth and uniform. This process also activates collagen that promotes further rejuvenation of skin.

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