Stretch Marks

Stretch Marks
Stretch Marks

LASER light penetrate the in the dermis layer of the skin & helps in collagen remodeling


Stretch mark is form of scarring on skin. When skin undergoes rapid stretching (e.g., rapid weight gain or pregnancy) it results in a stretch mark. Stretch marks can appear anywhere on the body. It commonly occurs on thigh, hips, breast, lower back and abdomen.

What are the treatment options?

We at Dr. Tvacha use Fractional LASERs that are USFDA-approved, and best suited for Indian skin. LASERs including Ematrix, Erbium, Palomar, Recosma and Yellow LASER help in reducing stretch marks over a few sessions. We also do derma-roller sessions for stretch marks.

How does it work?

LASER light penetrates the dermal layer of the skin and helps in collagen remodelling. Collagen is the building block of skin

The micro needles of derma roller creates micro-injuries that stimulates collagen and elastin production and encourage injured skin to return to normal over a short period of time.

How much time and duration is required for the treatment?

  • Time required for each session: A single session of LASER treatment requires 20-30 minutes. For derma roller treatment a topical anaesthetic cream needs to be applied beforehand to numb the skin. This is kept for 30 minutes following which the derma roller treatment is performed that takes around 20-30 minutes.
  • Total duration of Treatment: Generally 6-8 sessions are recommended with gap of 15 days. The total duration of treatment may need 3 months.
  • Time Interval between the two sessions: The gaps between two sessions can be 15 days. The derma roller treatments are performed with gap of a month.