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Very often, hair loss occurs because of factors that are beyond control, such as, genetics, illness and hormonal issues. Thus, hair may become brittle, damaged and prone to breakage that leads to hair loss. Hair loss can be prevented in several ways such as,using dietary supplements as an aid, scalp detox treatment, or even seeking professional help for hair growth.

Innovative Approach

However if such treatments are deemed as ineffective for the individual, Regen Stimuli is a new approach that relies on capillary regeneration technique in combating hair loss factor. How it works is using your own hair, that contains cells that are used in the regenerative process of renewing and growing new hair. These hair cells are extracted from the back of the head, and then mixed with a solution suspension and then injected into the scalp. This procedure is to combat hair loss, delaying hair loss and preventing any loss volume. Regen Stimuli is one of the safest and effective hair treatment. It is a pain-free therapy relying on own cells to regenerate new hair follicles for the scalp that will eventually lead to new hair growth. Regen Stimuli helps to activate dormant cells under the scalp, and inactive hair follicles. Regen micrografts are made up of, (70,000 cells)

  • Progenitor Cells - 85%
  • Extracellular Matrix
  • Growth Factor

How is it performed ?

Regen Stimuli is carried out by getting small samples of the skin along the back of the scalp. The treatment is comfortably carried out in the clinic using local anesthesia. Skin cell samples are then clinically administered by the Regen Stimuli device, dividing cell samples into miniature and absorbable portions. The cells obtained by tissues taken through punch biopsy from the patient are afterwards fused with a special solution. This solution is then injected into areas on the individual’s scalp that are experiencing hair loss. The whole process of Regen Stimuli is quick and efficient, and it only takes 30 to 45 minutes, and only one session is required.

Who is it for?

Regen Stimuli will greatly benefit individuals of both gender, who wishes to not go through a surgical procedure for hair transplant. It’s a one Hour Procedure with one sitting and results lasting for upto 2 years.

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