Chill Shaping uses an USFDA-approved modern Equipment which is a non-invasive technology that aims at fat cell reduction by essentially freezing them. This in turn induces fat cell breakdown which is then eliminated via the body's own lymphatics. It works for both men and women and is a great way to get rid of any stubborn fat in those particular problem areas without a surgery. The procedure helps effectively target fat cells without affecting the surrounding skin which makes it completely safe to perform with little to no downtime. The number of cycles/sessions vary and will be discussed during a consultation with our skincare experts post examination. A 25% fat cell reduction is expected at the end of treatment. Results will begin to show 1 month post treatment and complete results can take about 3 months.
'Effective on Double Chin,Upper Arms, Flanks, Abdomen, Buttocks & Thighs'

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