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About Dr Tvacha

At Dr.Tvacha, we deploy an amalgamation of modern technologies and techniques to ensure fast and effective treatments. Extensive research and development has resulted in breakthrough therapeutic programs which have already benefitted thousands patrons by now.

Dr Amit Kharkhanis

Dr. Amit Karkhanis


Dr. Amit Karkhanis, a  highly experienced Dermatologist (Cardiff, UK) and Cosmetologist started Dr.Tvacha Clinics which specializes in Hair (Trichology), Skin treatments,  Aesthetic Dermatology, Anti-Ageing,  Non invasive Body Sculpting and Cosmetic Surgeries.

Dr.Karkhanis has experience in multiple countries including and not limited to the USA , France, UK , Australia , Korea. When the Laser industry was at a nascent stage, Dr.Karkhanis invested in getting the top brands into the country to offer the best treatments in the world to clients in I ndia. He was the first to get the Medlite C6 , Norseld Yellow Laser, Cutera Pearl and recently the Linline recosma treatment in India.  Dr.Tvacha has one of the highest number of the top lasers which are the best in the world. He personally has trained the Doctors and staff to give the best r esult to his clients. Dr.Tvacha clinics will soon be a pan India operation providing the highest quality of service in the above fields.